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Next deliveries on thursday 1st April.


 We Believe In Incredible Pies, and incredible meals That all Taste Amazing

Our pies will be delivered directly to your door. All you need to do is read the cooking guidelines supplied and pop them in the oven. Ordered too many to eat at once? Not a problem freeze them before cooking and use at a later date. It’s a win win! 

STAY HOME, STAY SAFE, EAT GREAT FOOD. Next deliveries Thursday 1st April

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How big are our pies?

Our individual pies are approximately 5″ diameter (130mm in new money)

They are jam packed with the filling making every mouth full a taste sensation.



Next deliveries Thursday 1st April

*Our deliveries incur a flat rate fee of £4 within west Edin and west Lothian. Out with but within 15mins radius its £6


Choose your pies or meal and continue to the checkout.

We can’t guarantee a time slot, if your going out leave us a cool bag so your deliver stays safe and cool.


Our delivery team will deliver your pies to your door step. We will ring or knock and step back maintaining a safe distance.


Each delivery comes with cooking instructions and storage advice making sure you enjoy our pies & meals at there very best.  Individual pies should bake in fan oven at 180 oC for approx 25mins, ensure pie is cooked and piping hot. Large family pies will bake at same temp for approx 35 mins, again ensure pie is cooked and piping hot.

We are online waiting to help. Drop us an email or DM at any point of your order and we can help.

Looking for a larger quantity or something specific?

The perfect serve!

So you have the ultimate pie, but what is the best thing to serve with it?

  • Steak pie. Crispy roast potatoes, carrots with parsley butter and a good glug of rich gravy
  • Chicken pie, soft creamy mashed potatoes, garden peas and broccoli
  • Vension pie, new boiled potatoes, roast parsnips and carrots with Heather honey glaze, extra gravy
  • Cullen skink pie, chips are great to dunk in the creamy sauce, garden peas and broccoli on side
  • Spiced sweet potato and chickpea pie, roast bell peppers and roast onions with splash of balsamic are Devine with this pie
  • Sheperd’s pie, roast potatoes, sugar snap peas, carrots and broccoli 

Freshly Made to Perfection

I have been making these pies for 10 years plus and have become something of a master at the blind bake, the yolk glaze, and the cooking of the meat. Trust me you will love them.

Only the Freshest Ingredients

What makes a great pie? Unquestionably great produce. We source the finest meat, fish and vegetables exclusively from Scottish suppliers, including the wonderful Shaws of Lauder, Campbells prime of Linlithgow and Mark Murphy.

Our Story

For all of the rich food and culture myself and Mr have gratefully experienced & savoured throughout our careers our absolute food hero is one of our own home-made Scottish pies. I’ve always been a keen home baker and Mr has always been a chef so 15 or so years ago we jointly came up the with our all butter puff pastry, deep filled pies, I looked after the pastry and Mr developed the fillings. We happily kept those pies to ourselves and enjoyed making them for friends and family when time permitted. Around 10 years ago Mr started preparing a version that he sold in the varying establishments he was working in. They sold like hot cakes, we knew at that point there may be a future opportunity to sell direct to the public though we never seemed to find the time to make this happen.

So here they are, my deep filled puff pastry pies for you to buy direct, all Scottish sourced ingredients, ready to bake and enjoy in your home. I’ve kicked off with a selection of our family favourites but hope to add a wider range, time and demand permitting. They are delivered direct to your door from mine, contactless payment and prepared in a fully fitted and certified professional kitchen.

I Sincerely hope your family loves them as much as mine do.

Mrs W

Pentland pies, from our kitchen to yours.